About Lookyst

Who is Lookyst and why should you listen to us?

Lookyst is the go-to place for the latest news, drops and trends in both beauty and lifestyle. Our team is made up of beauty and style fanatics, which means the products that we recommend are not only approved by our own high standards but also used in our everyday routines. We like to think that the story of beauty is endlessly fascinating, intricate, and sometimes a little overwhelming. Like you, we are obsessed with the newest releases, cult items, and must-haves for celebrities. And like our obsession with the latest beauty trends we also share a similar affinity for spilling our beauty secrets with you, our loyal audience in the hopes that you will also discover the best products to include in your daily routines.

While we do get first dibs on new, trending and cult beauty products, we only recommend the ones that we have tested extensively, love and have actually incorporated into our own daily routines. Put it this way: if you’re stuck in your old makeup routine and need some honest guidance, Lookyst is the only place to discover such inspiration.

Product Reviews and Recommendations

Lookyst is committed to sharing our extensive knowledge and honest opinions about beauty and lifestyle products to our readers who are on their own journey of discovery. We test and review everything related to beauty, including skin care, hair care, cosmetics, and perfumes, along with a few lifestyle items. Our number one goal is to source and recommend the best-in-class purchases that are worthy of your time and money. 
We look to industry professionals, such as world renowned dermatologists, celebrity makeup artists and stylists as well as our own team of experts to give our readers honest and impartial advice when it comes to the best buys for every routine and budget.
We know that beauty can sometimes seem expensive, however this doesn’t always need to be the case. We work hard to find the best products to fit each individual’s budget so you can get that celebrity glam without spending Hollywood money. 
If you have questions about any of the products, reviews or recommendations that we’ve given on our website, or even have suggestions for what you’d like to see be reviewed, feel free to contact our team who are always happy to help.